Atmospheric Science Directory

Atmospheric Sciences Faculty Members By Name

Faculty members are from the Division of Atmospheric Sciences at the Desert Research Institute and the Physics and Geography Departments at the University of Nevada Reno. They teach the upper level Atmospheric Science courses that are the core of the program.

Faculty of this interdisciplinary program are from the Nevada System of Higher Education.

W. Patrick Arnott

Phone: (775) 784-6843

Undergraduate Atmospheric Science Program Director and Associate Professor, UNR Physics Department. Ph.D. (Physics), 1988, Washington State University.
Applications of wave Propagation and scattering, including solar and terrestrial radiation transfer, remote sensing, and photoacoustic spectrometers for aerosol detection.

Matthew P Bailey

Phone: (775) 677-3210

Assistant Research Professor, Ph.D. (Physics), 1997, University of Nevada, Reno.
Cloud physics, electrification, spectroscopy.

David W. Dubois

Phone: (702) 862-5468

Associate Research Scientist, DRI. Ph.D. (Atmospheric Science), 2003, University of Nevada, Reno.
Air quality and meteorology; remote sensing; GIS.

Alan W. Gertler

Phone: (775) 674-7061

Research Professor, DRI. Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), 1979, University of California, Los Angeles.
Atmospheric chemistry; automotive emissions; acid deposition; heterogeneous processes; fates of air pollutants.

John A. Gillies

Phone: (775) 674-7035

Research Professor. Ph.D. Physical Geography 1995 University of Guelph, Ontario Canada.
Aeolian processes, fugitive dust emission by wind and anthropogenic processes, the transport and deposition processes, as well as the mitigative actions that can be taken to ameliorate these environmental problems.

Wendy S. Goliff

Phone: (775) 674-7026

Assistant Research Professor, DRI. Ph.D. (Chemistry), 1997, University of California, Irvine.
Sampling and analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and gas-phase chemistry mechanism development.

Mark C. Green

Phone: (775) 674-7118

Research Professor, DRI. Ph.D. (Atmospheric Physics), 1990, University of California Davis.
Air quality, and boundary layer and synoptic meteorology.

Vanda Grubišic

Phone: (775) 674-7031

Ph.D. Yale University Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. 1995
Mesoscale atmospheric dynamics focusing on airflow and precipitation processes in complex terrain.

John Hallett

Phone: (775) 674-7013

Research Professor. Ph.D. 1958 Imperial College, University of London, U.K. Meteorology
Basic and applied research in field and laboratory studies related to convective cloud precipitation processes, aerosol formation and scavenging, cloud electrification and the role of clouds in atmospheric radiation processes.

James G. Hudson

Phone: (775) 674-7020

Research Professor
Instrumentation and measurements of cloud and aerosol physics.

Michael L. Kaplan

Phone: (775) 674-7051

Associate Research Professor, DRI. Ph.D. (Atmospheric Sciences), 1972, State University of New York at Albany.
Synoptic-dynamic meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, aviation meteorology, and numerical weather prediction/modeling.

Darko R. Koracin

Phone: (775) 674-7091

Research Professor, DRI and Atmospheric Science Graduate Program Director. Ph.D. (Atmospheric Physics), 1989, University of Nevada, Reno.
Numerical modeling; atmospheric, dispersion, and air-quality modeling and forecasting; marine boundary layer; wind energy; aircraft measurements.

Hampden D. Kuhns

Phone: (775) 674-7111

Research Professor. Ph.D. 1997 Carnegie Mellon University
Measurement and interpretation of fuel based emission factors from combustions sources.

John M. Lewis

Phone: (775) 674-7077

Adjunct Research Professor, Desert Research Institute. Ph.D. 1968 Meteorology, University of Oklahoma
Weather analysis and prediction including synoptic meteorology and dynamic data assimilation - a marriage between the subjective and objective components of meteorology.

Hans Moosmuller

Phone: (775) 674-7063

Research Professor, Ph.D. 1988 Physics Colorado State University
Experimental and theoretical research in optical spectroscopy as well as its applications to atmospheric and aerosol physics.

Kelly T. Redmond

Phone: (775) 674-7011

Associate Research Professor and Regional Climatologist, DRI. Ph.D. (Meteorology), 1982, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Climate variability; data management; climate and agriculture.

Jeffery Underwood

Phone: (775) 784-1723

Nevada State Climatologist Geography Department, UNR. Ph.D. (Climatology), 1999, University of Georgia, Athens.
Climatology and processes that are unique to mountain-valley environments of the western US.

Barbara Zielinska

Phone: (775) 674-7066

Research Professor, DRI. Ph.D. (Chemistry), 1979, Polish Academy of Sciences.
Kinetics and mechanics of gas phase reactions of organic compounds and reactive atmospheric species; analysis of biological and chemical compounds in the atmosphere; biogenic emissions.